Making events come to life

Venues. Vendors. Design. Décor.

All the fantastic little details you’ve imagined (plus the ones you’ll wish you had). At Events 306, we designed this boutique to be a full-service wedding design, planning and coordinating studio that can shape the entire experience around your specific vision. To do this, we cover everything from proposal to the big day.

Listen. Dream.

Help the couple articulate and empower their vision for the wedding, magnify their desires, and craft concrete ideas that highlight their uniqueness.

Organize. Compose.

Carefully cultivate an intricate plan to make it happen, and guide the couple, step-by-step, so they can let stress melt away and enjoy the journey to their big day.


Artfully weave together a headache-free wedding day, so the couple can spend their singular moment together drinking deeply of life and mad, mad love.

Destination Weddings

Blending dramatic landscapes with mountain-fresh air, the Rockies are simply bursting with romance. Don’t let a Denver destination wedding be spoiled by unexpected chaos. Organizing the big day from afar requires a Colorado destination wedding planner who can anticipate potential pitfalls and independently execute your vision.

Corporate Events

A corporate event is more than just a party. It’s a chance to cement long-lasting client or employee relationships, build buzz around your product launch, and leave an indelible memory. In other words, a Denver corporate event is an investment in your company’s future — let Events 306 plan one that pays.